Imagine spending an entire month with an amazingly talented individual - from lyricists, to stand-up comedians, to installation artists, to graphic novelists, to cartoonists... all within the workplace. Would be really cool right? Well, we thought the same.
And therefore we conceived KDKM - a common ground for creativity, an opportunity to learn, share and create with an exclusive Creative Talent of the Month. The idea is to explore, to try something new, to keep our creative juices flowing and have lots of fun while we are at it. As of now, there are only two known legitimate ways, to be a part of KDKM. One, you have to be the prodigy we wish to invite over, the other is to join us.
Take your pick : D

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Team DDW.

Or 2? Maybe a few more, depending on the occasion - ridiculous briefs, insane client demands, 7 day week... well, you get the drift. All you need to get along is your
cheerful company (the more the merrier : D), grab your choice of poison,
and get the party started.

P.S.: Party venue recommendations are always welcome.
Digital Driftwood a.k.a DDW was formed 16 years back as a post production house and an internet solutions company. Over the years, we have evolved into an integrated agency that offers communication solutions, from mainline advertising to below the line support, design solutions to digital marketing.

What all that simply means is that we can translate a brand communication idea effectively across any form of media, be it press, outdoor, online, film or radio.

We are a small independent team (yet!), with offices in Bombay & Hawaii. Well, not Hawaii...that was just to check if you were paying attention :) Feel free to drop us a line or better still drop in for chai.

Here are some of the brands we've worked on:

No matter how good you whistle, you cannot get a symphony out of it. So clearly, the only way to create something awe-inspiring is to team up with an eclectic bunch of creative minds and skill-sets, and together kick-ass. Our objective here is very clear - to hire or collaborate with the best in the business and enjoy a mutually satisfying relationship. If you think you got the mad passion we seek, the killer skills and expertise to create something worthy of being shared, tweeted or awarded, we'd be more than glad to have you as a part of our team or collaborate.

Click here and drop us a note if you'd like to collaborate with us.


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