kasa kay!

Digital Driftwood a.k.a DDW is a 20 year old creative agency. Founded & headed by Vikram Varma & Anita Varma, DDW offers solutions that revolve around Brand, Design & Digital.

We can help discover your brand story, tell it well and amplify it – across media. We have worked with brands across verticals like Yahoo, LinkedIn, Femina, UPS, Filmfare, HDFC, Logitech, ICICI, Angel Broking, DHL, L'Oréal and more. We also have helped various emerging brands find their own unique voice.  To know more about what we do, please click here and if you’d like to see some of our work, that’s right here.

We are a small independent team with offices in Mumbai & Hawaii. Well, not Hawaii… that was just to check if you were paying attention :)  

As far as our credentials go, we usually let our work do the talking.  So hang back, take a dekho at some our work or just drop us a note if you’d like to see more. 


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