We hate


Don't we all? Those intrusive, annoying kinds? That's why at DDW, we try to create more of the work that we as consumers ourselves would love to see. Nothing excites us more than getting under the skin of a brand, finding out what makes it tick and then figuring out the best way to tell the story.

We love solving communication and design challenges. Whether it's the nurturing of a fledgling brand or telling the story of an established one. Or getting to know the audience and then capturing their attention in an authentic way. We can help. Whatever part of the trajectory your brand is in, we have solutions that can help you achieve your objectives better. From brand strategy workshops to ui/ux, our team has helped brands across verticals communicate better and more effectively.

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Our solutions

  • Brand.

    Using workshops and brand immersions, we help brands discover their core essence, their tone and voice, their personality. We can help from nomenclature, brand identity design to a full fledged brand strategy including research and audience segmentation.

  • Design.

    Brand identity is something that excites us. Creating a visual canvas that expresses the brand identity and drives coherence and consistency is a challenge we love. Apart from identity design, we’ve also helped brands with environment graphic design, packaging design and merchandise design.

  • Communication.

    Story-telling is what we do best. We can help develop a creative strategy for your brand that encompasses the brand thought and addresses your objectives. This translates into campaigns and creative execution across Print, TV, Radio and of course social media.

  • Digital.

    Sure, we help brands with their digital presence, but we do so keeping in mind the medium and your brand story. From designing user journeys to UI/UX for websites and apps to the content strategy and roll-out for all social media touchpoints, we can help you find your footing in the digital space.