That’s Personal



The challenge: India’s first ever adult e-store was to be launched. Needless to say, the challenge was to build a brand that reflected a clean image (despite the category), connoted privacy, and was broad enough to encompass a wide range of products that they might sell in future. 


Create a brand is unapologetic, in the sense that it’s extremely comfortable and confident about its raison d’être,  At the same time, the url had to be easy to recall too.  That’s brilliantly appropriates the product line & the privacy aspect with the right attitude.  It says private without saying illicit or forbidden. 

The brand persona exudes a sense of fun, sexiness and a wee bit of rebellious
– enough to get people to raise their eyebrows but yet approve of it. The logo reflects just that with the semi colon appearing before the P, forming the wink.